Five Popular Mobile App Development Trends for 2022

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Smartphones have changed our lives in ways that go well beyond the original intent of the developers. With more than four billion people in the world using mobile phones to communicate, navigate, stream media, play, and shop. 

Mobile app development is big business. Projections suggest that in 2023 mobile apps will generate over £650 billion. For this reason, the mobile app developer who spots the next big trends can leverage the market for billions

Here is our prediction for the top five trends for 2022. 

1. Developing for Folding Displays

Mobile phone companies are pushing folding phones as the latest and greatest technology. If they take off, there is plenty of scope for apps that creatively make use of this space.

Of course, mobile apps need to work across a variety of screen dimensions, which means that all developers will need to account for this shift in available screen real-estate. It will undoubtedly add complexity for developers, but it will open opportunities for creative app designers. 

2. Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development has been implemented by big players, such as Meta (formerly Facebook) and Alibaba, to help reduce development costs and save time

Google launched Futter in early 2021. Flutter is a UI toolkit for creating cross-platform apps for mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase. This allows a single reactive design to be used on any device and saves developers time.

3. Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology, introduced by Apple in 2013, uses Bluetooth signals to provide users with relevant notifications. Google followed in 2015 with its own version, Eddystone. 

Conceptionally, Beacon Technology will allow shoppers to indicate a product that they like the look of. Then the app on the user’s phone will locate where the item can be brought and the nearest branch that has the item in stock. 

Since its release, mobile app developers have been brainstorming ways to incorporate these techs into future apps. Healthcare, travel, tourism, mobile payments, and gaming are all areas seen as having potential for Beacon Technology.

4. Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

Online commerce has long known that mobile device shoppers tend towards impulsive purchase decisions. Smoothing the shopping experience to reduce all pain points will increase sales and is a hot topic going into 2022. 

Developing safe ways to integrate one-click ordering, voice shopping, and other related ideas to help customers get items from shop front, cart, and then the home will be the ultimately profitable trend in the next year.

5. Mobile Wallets

Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal – All well known mobile wallets. If you’re familiar with them, you have probably experienced the ease with which these can be used.

Anything that causes a delay in the payment process can cause the loss of a sale, no matter how small. Even reaching for a wallet to extract a card can give a customer a moment of thinking time. Mobile phones are rarely out of their users’ hands, so mobile wallets have extreme buying power. 

Enhancing mobile wallets with new features by creating mechanisms to develop or improve audio-based, NFC, and RFID payments will drive these shopping habits from strength to strength. 

All in all, the future for mobile app development looks rosy, with enormous scope to continue to innovate and improve in a range of fields. Which trends do you think are the next hot topic?